Conference Schedule

Friday, October 12th

Crosby Room, Northrop

Session 1

Keynote 1:

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

(Michigan State University)
“Sustainability and Solidarity”

Respondent: Jani Scandura (UMN)

Crosby Room, Northrop


Session 2

Panel A: Stories of Trash
Crosby Room, Northrop
Chair: Emily Fedoruk (CSCL)

Amy Folkedahl Meehleder (UMN): Mapping the “Trash-scape”: Waste and the Grid in Three Works by Rashid Rana, Anjum Singh, and Vivan Sundaram

Rieke Jordan (University of Frankfurt, GER): Moby-Dick; or, The Waste.

Curt Lund (Hamline University, St. Paul): Rubbish, Classics, and the Things In Between: Shifting Values of the Everyday Objects that Surround Us

Panel B: Digital Culture and Science Fictions
135 Nicholson Hall
Chair: Kathryn Huether (MSS)

Andrew Bailey (York University, CAN): Not Enough Memory: Examining History and Obsolescence in Contemporary Game Art

Jennifer Jodell (UMN): Naked Before the New: Celebrities as Mediating Bodies in Mid-Century Written Science Fiction

Sam McCracken (University of Georgia): “Critical Mass as Obsolescence: Internet Memes and the Ephemerality of Digital Culture”

Lunch Break

Session 3

Panel C: (Un)dead Media
135 Nicholson Hall
Chair: Nanette Hanks (CLA)

Saul Kutnicki (Indiana University, Bloomington): Putting “the Rest” to Rest: Visual Culture and the Last Days of Kodak

Dzmitry Tsapkou (UMN): Sorcery against Capitalism

Panel D: Accelerated Infrastructures
201 Nicholson Hall
Chair: Mikkel Vad (CSCL)

Anthony Kahane (UMN): Communism, Meltdowns, and Morlocks: Wealth Addiction in the Transition to a Post-Labor Society

Thomas Lawson (University of Pittsburgh): Picking Up Good Citations: Networked Criticism in the Age of the Database


Session 4

Film Screenings
135 Nicholson Hall
Chair: Graeme Stout (MIMS)

Matt Whitman (The New School, NYC): Mourning Material: A Contemporary Case for Film

Nickk Hertzog (Melbourne, AUS): Vaporwave: Nostalgia, Irony and Empowered Obsolescence

Sam Hoolihan (UMN): Meditation, Chance, and Embracing Technological Limitations

135 Nicholson Hall

Saturday, October 13th

Crosby Room, Northrop

Session 5

Panel E: Redesigning the Obsolete
Crosby Room, Northrop
Chair: Soyi Kim (CSCL)

Arnon Ben-Dror (University of Amsterdam): Cultivating the Past: Jeremy Deller’s Anachronistic Garden

Austin Young and Drew Smith (UMN): Towards a Meta-Studio


Session 6

Panel F: Wasted Architectures
Crosby Room, Northrop
Chair: Harshit Rathi (CSCL)

John P. Taylor (University of Pittsburgh): The City With No Future: Urban Freeways, Racial Politics, and the Cinema of the Obsolete City

Mary Begley (UMN), Patrick Larkin, and Meg Lundquist (UMN): Put a Tunnel Through K-Mart: Revisioning the Obsolete

Sarah Wheat (University of Michigan): The Architectural Document: The Hudson Motor Car Company Factory Portfolio and the Albert Kahn Associates Archive

Panel G: Functions of Film
135 Nicholson Hall
Chair: Vanessa Cambier (CSCL)

Jeremy Meckler (UMN): What is Cinema in the Age of Convergence? Locating the Post-Cinematic in the Twitter Controversy Surrounding Twin Peaks: The Return

Jonah Jeng (University of Pittsburgh): Action Reaction: Michael Bay’s 13 Hours and the Nostalgia for Embodied Warfare

Yandong Li (The New School, NYC): The Power Resistance Nature in Jem Cohen’s Films: Interpreting the Fading Identity of New York Through Cinema

Break/travel to Trylon Cinema

Session 7:

Screening and Keynote 2:

Only Lovers Left Alive
Jim Jarmusch, 2013

Free ticket reservations: Trylon Cinema

Joel Burges

(University of Rochester, NY)
“Hidden Figures: The Absence of Blackness and the Obsolescence of Labor in Contemporary Film.”